Indian stock market- tips

Indian stock markets witnessed highest volatility in past 3-4 months especially from March 2020. It crashed almost 35% from February all time highs. Then showed some recovery of lost ground in April. Again saw roller coaster ride and now trading modestly.

There are some good quality promising names to be watched and picked. Some mid cap names are fantastic stocks and some large caps are evergreen.

We provide advisory on which stocks to be bought at what levels to the investors. We charge INR 500/- ( USD 7 approx. ) to share the details of hidden gems 💎 as per our research. We also provide exit levels.

If interested, do let me know. Happy investing!

Managing stress at work place

Stress management at work places is very important for both employees and employers. Stressed employee will damage company’s reputation, market share, profitability and performance. Employer must find out reasons for this situation which employee is undergoing. There can be many reasons such as lack of skill set, proper training, motivation, risk of loss of job, personal reasons affecting work performance, competition etc.

Employer can be equally responsible for creating this situation for his employees.

Employee must learn new ways of performing by using technology, constantly upgrade skills and knowledge, actively participate in various projects and most importantly think positive and think about his or her contributions to the company. A simple thumb rule is each employee must contribute 2 times of salary that he draws so that company grows.

Also important is to stay fit and healthy. have a courage to stand up and ask questions, raise flags , give suggestions on how to improve, set benchmarks.

Pakistan- a failed story

There is no doubt that Pakistan is a failed nation. It’s anti India rhetoric since independence is to blame for its current situation. When both India and Pakistan became independent, India today is world’s sixth largest economic power. It is leading nation in space technology, IT services, healthcare sector etc. while Pakistan on the other hand was always busy in planning conspiracies against India. They are leaving under military influence and leadership for decades. Even today it’s military decides it’s policies. Pakistan is faced with corruption, drug abuses , atrocities on minorities, sheltering terrorist outfits. How can such a nation come out of this and start walking the path of progress and growth. India on the other hand always focuses on eradicating poverty , thinking of creating new jobs , contributing to well being of all religions, preserving its rich culture and heritage, giving yoga to the world and many more.

Before corona pandemic Pakistan economy was affected since they have lost credibility due to supporting terrorism and moving closer to China. Post corona pandemic, it’s economic condition has become worst and it is depending heavily on IMF , world bank aid and some soft loans from its allies such as China, Indonesia, Saudi, UAE.

Repayment of debts is simply not possible for Pakistan and its status will be junk by rating agencies like Moody’s or S&P.

It has only few options left – surrender to China, throw away terror outfits or die due to hunger.

Chinese mindset is only to see benefits out of this situation and grab more controls into Pakistani decision making processes.

Recent corona pandemic, locust attack will dent its economy link never before. People will come on streets and will throw away Imran khan government or military will plan a coup.

Next 2 years will be make or break for this country. Only god can now help.